Company History

10 years ago, Victoria El-Zarif saw a need for affordable, high-quality, professional cleaning that used local, trusted cleaners. She decided to fill that need and created Sparkling Services. With over 15 years of dedication to and experience in the business world, her commitment to “best practices” in every situation has created a solid reputation for Sparkling Services as an award-winning cleaning company.

Talk to a real person every time.

Our goal is to make your life easier, not harder! That’s way we make the process of scheduling a cleaning fast and EASY! Don’t have the time for a phone call? Send us a text. (Who wants to wait on hold or navigate through a maze of automated phone menus?). 206-852-6898

Our Amazing Cleaners

We know that you are trusting us with your home or business. We take great care in hiring qualified and trustworthy people. We use a multi-step interview process that includes employment history, verified references and background checks. The owner personally interviews every single cleaner. To ensure the highest quality clean we require that all of our cleaners complete our company certified training process.

Contact Info

Phone: 206.852.6898